Fashionable marine equipment

Upgrading the beauty of a boat and providing it with a more modern and exclusive look doesn’t have to be difficult or take too much time. Using the right products, you will be able to add that perfect touch of luxury. Learn more about our Blackline as well as when to choose marine fittings in matte black instead of chrome or polished steel.

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Matte black; the easy way to make marine equipment fashionable

Over the years, marine equipment has gone from something that only needs to be functional to something that has to be equally aesthetically appealing. Because even though they might be small...

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Product presentation: Blackline

The icing on the cake! Blackline includes almost all of our marine products made in matte black. The series is developed to match the increasing demand for marine fittings in black. In this folder, you'll learn more about the looks and color. 

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